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  1. Completed Fairy House built in 2013
    06 Sep, 2015
    Just The Beginning
    I am about to embark on another fairy house journey.  I have made six of these houses so far and currently have two more on the books.  Normally, I try to make each one unique unto itself.  However, the acorn design seems to be the preferred favorite amongst my customers and these next two are no exception.  So check back often, for pictures and updates as we take this journey together.
  2. To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog. Of course we’d say that.
    20 Jan, 2015
    To Blog or Not to Blog? Blog. Of course we’d say that.
    Why? The short answer: blogs strengthen your website’s visibility. Blogs are business opportunities that help you: Sure, blogs need a fair amount of work, but they boost Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and pay dividends in the long run. And if you’re not sure what to write, check out Elance or for affordable alternatives. So, don’t wait to take action. If you want to stay relevant, you really do have to bloggingBlog. Command attention from your customers. Use Hootsuite or
  3. Welcome to our Blog! But what is it?
    08 Jan, 2015
    Welcome to our Blog! But what is it?
    Blog is short for Web Log. They are basically a series of posts in reverse chronological order posted by a website owner. A Blog can be treated like a diary, a news feed, a place for ‘how-to’ articles or simple thoughts and discussions. It’s likely you will use it to communicate with your website visitors about your website topic. You may wish to tell visitors about your day-to-day life or use your Blog for brand advertising. However you choose to use your Blog, it’s really important to make
  4. Why Your Titles Should Be No Longer Than This
    16 Dec, 2014
    Why Your Titles Should Be No Longer Than This
    When you're writing your next post, consider this: 80% of people will read your blog headline, but only 20% will stay for the rest. So, if headlines are 400% more important than what comes after them (where there’s already ever-increasing competition to attract eyes), you need to be more concise than ever to get attention. If you want to keep your followers’ attention while conveying your brilliant wordplay, keep headline character counts as close as possible to 58 characters (including